Introducing...The Needlepoint Club

        With the launching of our brand new website, we bring to you The Needlepoint Club, featuring three SmStitches exclusive categories: Stitch Tutorials, Stitch Guides, and our Needlepoint Blog. Within each category, we're working hard to provide you with the best assistance for your needlepoint projects, tips, insights, and much more. Check it out!

        Our Stitch Tutorial section provides in-depth video tutorials for assorted stitches commonly used in our customers' projects. New videos are added regularly. We welcome comments and questions, whether on our Youtube page, or in our website directly. Recommendations for new stitch tutorials are also welcome, and we will do our best to get to each one.

        For a more intrinsic study of each stitch, we offer Stitch Guides, giving you number-by-number diagrams of our various stitches. Comments and questions are also welcome below each post. For more help, click the link below each diagram to watch a video tutorial. 

        Lastly, our new Needlepoint Blog! Check back here regularly for updates. We post contest information, store bulletins, sales, various project updates, new canvas designs and threads, website news, and much much more!

Please let us know if you have any questions; we're here to help! Thanks for visiting! 

Stitches and Social Media

          From Instagram to YouTube, SmStitches has been weaving its way across the internet, maximizing on each platform to best assist our customers. Our new website has been an amazing way for us to further our online interaction, and we're meeting new demands in newer ways. Upon the issuing of our Stitch Guides and Tutorials, we realized the various ways customers can benefit from just opening the computer after taking home their canvases. 

Stitches on Pinterest:

         If you don't have a Pinterest account, you're really missing out on the fun. There has never been a better way to get all of your bucket list plans/DIY ideas/recipes/internet finds so effortlessly organized. Follow SmStitches and check out all of our regularly updated galleries. Is there a design you once saw that you want to try your hand at? Flip through the pillows gallery, the hand bag gallery, and the backgammon set gallery and drop us a line. Your own work might even be featured in our Tallis and Tefillin Set gallery. Pin your favorite designs to your own boards and show us what we're doing right.


          This is where it all happens...Sales. Sneak peeks. New products. Store bulletins. Contests. Morris's hours. Customer interaction. Featured designs. Thread and canvas updates. Fun all around; you really don't want to miss out. Follow us to see the needlepoint community in action and take part in keeping it alive. We love hearing from you. Our page is constantly monitored and we're always ready to help with any questions you might have. 


          A customer recently came in and mentioned how thankful she was for our stitch tutorials and we were thrilled. She said she sat with her needlepoint materials, iPhone in hand, stitching away to all the new patterns she was learning. As of yet, we've uploaded 4 videos and we're waiting on you guys to tell us which stitch patterns to do next. Is there any design you need help with? Any stitch you can't quite figure out? Leave a comment on our Youtube page and let us know! We can't wait to help. 


          Everything comes together with our Facebook page. Galleries, comments, reviews; you'll find anything you need there. If there's anything you need in general, send us a message or leave a comment and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. And most importantly, LIKE away! It lets us know what you would like to see more of on your dashboards. Like it all, we won't be upset. 


Thank you for reading; for being a part of our needlepoint community and making this all possible. Check back here when you can for more blog posts and comment to let us know what we can do to better help you.

The Camp David Needlepoint Project

For the second summer in a row, we're working with Camp David to provide our campers with the best needlepoint projects around. From colorful wristlets to beautiful picture frames, the girls are having a blast! Check out some pictures below, and visit again soon to see their finished products!

To order a project for your camp or company, submit an inquiry in our Contact Us page. 

Our Bar-Mitzvah Boys

We're so grateful to see our curachas in action! Here, the Alfaks boys celebrate their bar-mitzvahs in Israel with their brand new tallis and tefillin sets, all stitched up and ready to go! We wish the boys good health and happiness, and to the mothers...excellent work!  To see your boys and their curachas featured on our site, tag @smstitches in your Instagram photos, or post on our Facebook!

Featured @ Stitches: Summer 2014

Looking for something new to stitch? We've got just the thing. This month we're highlighting our beautiful backgammon sets, personalizable and perfect for play! Finished in a clean and elegant lucite case, frame, or tray of your choice, you'll want to have it on display all year round. Check them out in our gallery below, in our online backgammon set shop, or come in to our store for more options! 

Your move!